Shwmae Pobl…

I have been meaning to start blogging again for some time. I first started a few years ago; under the same name, but back then I wasn’t as confident with my recipes, or the way I ate. I was always trying new things and not being consistent. Now I feel a lot more secure in my knowledge of food and with how far I have come with my recovery. To put it in a few words; I suffered for over a decade with countless eating issues and when I thought I had recovered, I only found myself replacing one eating disorder with another. That was until I discovered flexible dieting; which is basically balanced eating. I love it. It has not only helped me recover from my restrictive eating but it has also given me a more healthy relationship with food and I no longer fear certain food groups, or foods deemed ‘unhealthy’. Now I see food as fuel and I use it to fuel my body for not only daily activities but also for my workouts; which I have learned to love more, now I have the energy and stamina to finish a 40 minute workout.

In this blog I will be sharing my recipes and experiences with food; both good and bad. They won’t always be 100% ‘healthy’ but they will be balanced with foods I enjoy and have learned to eat in moderation; as can everyone else. I will be sharing my knowledge, from my experience,  of flexible dieting/ balanced eating and how anyone can obtain this way of eating without feeling guilt afterwards. It is possible.

Well… That’s it for now. You can check me out on Instagram: @Happy.Hungry.Healthy

The Hungry Welsh Girl.

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