Candy Hero: A Flexible Dieters Hero


Reese’s has my heart. If I were put into a Hershey’s shop, it is very likely that I would buy everything Reese’s whether it is edible or not; so when I found Candy Hero’s website through random Google searches after scouring the net for different varieties of Reese’s, I squealed with excitement.

Disclaimer: I am not a squealer, so this was a big deal.

At first I didn’t know where to start, they literally have everything you could ever want – imagine Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and you would be close to imagining Candy Hero – O.K so maybe a slight exaggeration, but this site is wonderful: crisps, sweets, lollypops, chocolates, sauces; the list is endless. And they are all imported from different countries, so it’s not just U.K chocolates they sell; far from it. Candy Hero sell confectionery from all around the world and because they offer such a vast array of different products, it is so easy to get carried away on their site, one minute you’re looking through their selection and next thing you’ve accumulated a £30 bill. I got carried away both times, but I did end up with a whole box of 60 Lindt Peanut Butter Truffles and a whole bunch of Reese’s too; every peanut butter lover’s dream!

After I placed my order and selected free delivery with Candy Hero I thought I would be waiting days for it to arrive, but to my surprise it turned up sooner than I imagined: if I remember correctly I made my order on a Friday and by Monday morning my parcel had arrived; the service is second to none and the people are lovely to deal with too and if I have done my research properly, the Candy Hero store is located in Leeds, but they also deliver worldwide, which I think is wonderful.

It’s not often I get excited by a website, it has got to offer somethinimageg very special in order for me to get excited about it, so the minute my order arrived – both times – I put them straight on Instagram because I knew my followers would be just as elated about Candy Hero as I was and I wasn’t kidding myself; they went crazy for all the Reese’s and all the peanut butter – as I knew they would. I don’t know if Candy Hero sales picked up over my Instagram posts, I can’t imagine my one account would have made much business for them, but last week I was contacted by the lovely Fiona from Candy Hero, thanking me for all the shout-outs and promotion I had conducted on social media and this morning I received a package filled with mostly peanut butter products from Candy Hero to review where ever I chose to.

I think my flexbowl’s just got exciting again and if you want to check those out over the next week, then follow me on Instagram where you can see more recipes, reviews and ideas. As well as being one of the first to hear about any new products I discover.

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