Vegusto: What’s in the Box?

You may have noticed that my Instagram page has changed over the last month or so: cheese and eggs have become a thing of the past and long gone are my oozy, gooey, grilled cheese sandwiches and #yolkporn. At the minute I am still eating eggs sparingly, but I have cut cheese and butter out of my diet entirely. I haven’t made a big deal or huge announcement because I feel that’s just silly: it’s nobody’s business but my own. However, if you pay attention to my posts, you’d have seen the vegan meals becoming more frequent over the last month. There is no reason for me not mentioning it, it’s no secret that I’m a vegetarian and so eating vegan meals is as natural to me, as eating vegetarian meals. Although, I’d never really contemplated veganism over my ten years of vegetarianism until very recently and I guess that was because I loved cheese so much – I came out of the womb holding a block in both hands – OK. A little over exaggeration on my part, but my mother did eat a cheese and tomato sandwich every day I was in there; washed down with a whole pint of milk too – calcium and B12 deficiency was definitely not something I suffered with – and to this day, I still haven’t broken a bone in my body (touch wood it stays that way).

I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t aware of the consequences that came with dairy because I pride myself on being honest and there’s no point in lying. I just wasn’t ready to give it up back then; it’s that simple. However, all that changed when I started watching ‘Sugar Free Farm’ the other week and I witnessed first-hand how sick and morally wrong the dairy industry actually is; but what hit me the hardest was that nobody saw anything wrong with it. Ok. So that chick from Brookside got a little upset, but she was soon tucking into a steak not long after. The deal breaker for me and my decision to omit dairy was that heart-breaking scene in the second episode where the little, sweet calf was forced away from its mother at just a day old; he was then stuck in a tiny, little pen where he refused to eat: pining for his mother. I’ve always been an animal lover, which is one of the reasons I became a vegetarian ten years ago, but I’m also one of those people who tends to dwell on things when I see or hear something sad; whether that be animal or human related. It affects me and it will niggle away at me – I just care too much – which is why this time around the decision to give up dairy was easy. It’s been five weeks now and the cheese cravings are real. So, it was fate when Vegusto contacted me about cheese samples to review.

So what was in the box?

image.jpegWhen I received the package I was like an anxious little kid at Christmas: eager to open the box and discover the goodies inside; and when I finally did, I was overwhelmed with how generous they had been with the samples. I received the sample starter pack from Vegusto which is available for £14.99 on their website and while I was told that I would receive the starter pack, I wasn’t aware that it contained a vegan sausage and two vegan mushroom and cheese burgers; as well as three different types of vegan cheese. Their website has so many different packs available ranging from different prices that you are literally spoiled for choice on which one to choose. While writing this post late last night, I was browsing through the Vegusto site and I couldn’t decide which products I would purchase next, they just have such a massive selection of vegan products, that it’s overwhelming. Even so, they do try to narrow it down for their customers by pre-selecting and arranging certain products into ‘packs’ for a set amount of money.

On opening the box, my eyes naturally averted straight to the much anticipated ‘cheese’ and I was surprised at how real it looked: yellow in colour and shaped like a block; it was passable. Although, it was softer than dairy cheese, but I feel an obvious trait as the majority of cheese they offer are made from almonds. What I was excited about with the Vegusto products was the fact that they are all free from soy: something that I failed to find when I was researching other brands of vegan cheese available on the UK market. Vegusto is also free from lactose, palm oil and 100% plant based. After I had studied every cheese product in the box that I received, I then turned to the vegan ‘meat’ and I won’t lie, it didn’t all look appetising.

I think you will agree that the farmhouse style sausage does look very good and almost too real? But, that vegan roast doesn’t look the most appealing now does it? I won’t say what I thought it looked like, but it’s not pretty and part of me didn’t actually want to cook or eat it. I did notice that there wasn’t a scrap of information on the mushroom and mozzarella burger, sausage, or the vegan roast; explaining how to cook them, but I later found the information on the Vegusto website. I am looking forward to cooking and using these products next week and I can’t remember the last time I felt this way about food. I already have an Easter menu planned for my blog which includes the vegan nut roast and I will be reviewing each and every single product in depth, from flavour to texture, packaging, and whether the cheese has the melt-factor. Plus, I will be sharing my overall experience with the products and whether they are good enough for the hefty price tag.

At the minute you can purchase a twin pack of vegan roasts for £8.99 which is a saving of £4.90 or one for £5.50. The meat alternatives can also be frozen too. Click here to find out where else Vegusto deliver.

Disclaimer: This blogpost does not contain any affiliate links, I do not receive any compensation for any links clicked. However, I was sent these products by Vegusto, to review. But, I am not paid in any other way to speak positively about them. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I pride myself on delivering first class, honest reviews.

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