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imageHow pretty are these eggs? I received them a few weeks ago from the Cracking Egg company: a company who produce brightly coloured, pre-boiled free range eggs. But, I haven’t had time to sit down and review them properly; until now.

I know what you’re all thinking – how do the chickens lay such magnificent coloured eggs? I would first like to start by saying, they don’t. I think if a chicken popped one of these out in front of me, I would be very worried.  The chickens do however, lay normal colour eggs: the standard day to day, beige eggs that you can buy at the store; then the 100% natural colour is painted onto the eggs after they have been boiled.

 So, what’s the point in painting the eggs?

The trouble is, that when you boil a standard egg, if you don’t eat it within 2-3 days then it’s likely to go funky and stink out your fridge, and nobody wants that rotten egg smell, lingering around and offending our nostrils now do we?

That’s where crackin eggs have got your back!

You see, when an egg is boiled the natural protective layer around the outside shell; which stops bacteria and germs from leaching into the egg, is removed. That’s why the crackin egg company paint their eggs with an all natural protective layer. The natural paint is made from a food safe, natural wax and pigment with the intent to preserve the egg for much longer than a standard egg would keep, but also to lock in all the nutrients and vitamins too.


Crackin eggs, do come in three different, delicious flavours: black pepper, sweet chilli and sour cream and chive and I think there is also a pack of 6 unflavoured hard boiled eggs too: the eggs come with a little silver packet, filled with a seasoning of your choice;  which you sprinkle over the eggs and enjoy as part of a delicious snack or in a sandwich.

I just don’t know if these eggs are worth the price tag (£1.59) They are after all just eggs and yeah the coloured coating is pretty to look at, but then it doesn’t serve any purpose when you’ve cracked the egg open and eaten it – almost like paying for a Kinder egg without the toy.

To me, if you weigh it all up; it just seems that you are paying for the outside colour and the fact that it protects the egg from potential bacteria. But, then what are the chances of any real hefty amount of dangerous bacteria getting into the egg, if you eat eggs regularly? I don’t think there would be much, if any.

I do think that it is a nice idea to be able to buy eggs that have already been pre-boiled, if you are out and about for long periods of time, and want a healthier protein snack. But, if you are a person who eats more than one boiled egg a day and I’m guessing that there is more than a few;  then buying these flavoured boiled eggs, as apposed to buying a box of 15 raw free range eggs for £2; could get expensive. I personally wouldn’t pay money for the crackin eggs, just because they are expensive and I feel a bit pointless too – sorry crackin eggs.

Even so, if you are interested in buying some pretty, pre-boiled eggs then you can pick them up at Ocado at £1.59 for a two pack or £3.49 for a 6 pack which I feel is a better deal. You can choose from 3 different flavours; sweet chilli, black pepper and sour cream and chive too.

Disclaimer: While I was sent the above products by the Crackin Egg Company to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I always try to deliver honest, unbiased reviews which are always based off of my own experience with the products.

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