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I’m going to start by saying that this product review will be the last review I write for my blog, for a while. While I really wanted to review the Vegusto products, I am just finding products reviews to be very time consuming at the moment and also hard to keep up with. I like to put as much detail in to a product review as I can and as I don’t benefit financially from writing these reviews, they’ve just become a bit of a pain to do.

So,  I will only be mentioning products on Instagram that I  like and use, and I will include a short description of what I thought of the product and whether I liked it or not. I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone! 🙂


A few weeks ago I received the vegan cheese starter pack from Vegusto to review and I couldn’t wait to try the award winning, plant-based cheese that everyone had been raving about: dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, soy free; it was hard to imagine this cheese would be anything other than horrible, since it was made from almonds, natural ingredients and it was also free from so many other ingredients. Although, I was wrong – to a point.

The one thing that drew me to the Vegusto products specifically, was the fact they were soy free and as someone who already has hypothyroidism this was a huge selling point for me; especially if the cheese was going to be something I would consume daily and so far it has been.

So how did Vegusto do?

When I first opened the Noo-Melty and No- Moo Soft Classic, Vegusto cheese, I instantly knew I would dislike them: strong,

No-Moo Soft Classic (currently 15% off)

cheesy and pungent; I had never encountered such a cheesy odour in all of the years I had eaten dairy cheese. Even so, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and added it to my food; all the while sceptical.

Even after the cheese had melted and heated, it was still very strong and unnaturally cheesy; the best way I can describe the taste is like a packet of cheese crisps: McCoy’s, Walkers, Quavers; it had that fake cheesy taste to it and for me it was unpleasant in large quantities.

After experiencing the No-Moo Melty and No-Moo soft classic, I found it strange that so many people loved the Vegusto cheese and compared it to normal dairy cheese in flavour – it did win the best cheese award in 2012 after all.  I even had people whose opinions I

No-Moo Melty

respect, telling me how amazing the vegan cheese was. But, for me it was just too strong and the flavour was overwhelming.

I later came to the conclusion that the people who loved the Vegusto cheese, must have either been vegan for so many years that they had forgotten what normal dairy cheese tasted like or they just like the taste of fake cheese flavourings. For me, the creamy, delicious taste of a good cheddar was still present on my taste buds, so the Vegusto cheese was never going to compare. However, I had only used the Vegusto cheese on top of a pizza thus far: there were still so many options I had left to experiment with the Vegusto cheese and a few samples from the pack which I hadn’t tried yet.

I found that eating the Vegusto cheese raw or on its own was an unpleasant experience, as the texture was cold, slimy and the flavour was overpowering. So, I started adding it to food that already had strong flavourings and quite a few ingredients, in the hope that it would reduce the cheesy-ness of the fake cheese; it was then I really started to appreciate the flavour. I don’t know if my taste buds have adapted to the flavourings of the Vegusto cheese over the course of the few weeks I’ve been eating it, but I find it quite moreish now – I grate small amounts over my beans on toast, cauliflower mash and other meals that require cheese and I enjoy it, I find myself wanting to add more and more to my food as the day goes on.

The Vegusto piquant cheese however, is on another level compared to the other two.

No-Moo Piquant

OMG. If I hadn’t had been so lazy, I’d have gone back and added even more of the Piquant cheese. It was amazing. It was a lot less cheesy than the previous too, the flavour wasn’t as strong as the others, and it tasted almost creamy. I loved it. I loved it that much I went to price the bigger block on the Vegusto website- 200g for £4.99

I guess some of the Vegusto cheeses are a bit like Marmite- you either love it or you hate it and for me, I wanted to love all of them, but I couldn’t and that’s OK; because while I was a huge dairy lover, I didn’t love all of those cheeses equally either.

Would I Buy Vegusto Cheese? 

I feel like after this review you are expecting me to say no, but I think I would buy the starter pack, as it is good value for money, especially at its current offer – £14.99 – and I have grown to enjoy the other cheeses a little bit at a time. I especially loved the No-Moo soft classic cheese (currently on offer) on my mushroom and no-moo burger the other day. imageThe Vegusto cheese is still a good equivalent if you are looking for the standard cheese texture rather than taste. So, if you’re the type of person who can’t give up cheese because you need to see it grated over your food or in a sandwich, then this cheese is perfect for those things. But, if you’re a person like myself, who wants the subtle flavour of a mature cheddar and to see the stringy mess when you pull apart a grilled cheese; then I’m not so sure this cheese will be for you. Although, I will say again that it does have a cheesy taste, but not the cheese taste that I have ever eaten from dairy cheese.

However, the No-Moo Melty cheese, does melt; obviously not like dairy cheese, but for a vegan cheese I was very impressed with it. It would also melt incredibly well in a sauce for mac and cheese or you could make a dip with it, as it is the softest cheese, it would spread over toast or crackers too.

Something that I do need to point out is that the vegan cheese from Vegusto, once opened doesn’t last very long out of the fridge. So, you do need to keep it refrigerated and eaten within 14 days. If that is a problem then the good news is that all of Vegusto faux meats and cheese can be frozen.

The fact that all of the products freeze well is even better news, as you can always stock up with Vegusto’s many sales and offers. Vegusto, also have many sample packs put together on their website too, all on offer and ranging from £7 to £105 in price at the moment. So, you can start off with a cheaper pack, to see how you like the taste and flavour of their products and then work your way up. Although, I’m sure Vegusto told me that the packs are only on offer over the Easter period.

I also received the vegan nut roast with my package, which I haven’t tried yet. But, I do plan to make an Easter dinner with it over the holidays. Vegusto also sell many different flavour roasts too which you can find on their website from £5 to £10. As you can see the Vegusto products are expensive compared to products such as Quorn or Linda McCartney, but you have to remember that they are all vegan, all natural and plant based too which the other two aren’t. So, the vegan option will always be more expensive. Although, I do wish Vegusto would keep their offer prices as their overall price, as I do feel they are much more affordable for everyone then.

All I can say is that everyone has their own taste preferences and your best bet is to try the Vegusto cheese for yourself, rather than take my word for it. As I said earlier, Vegusto have won the best cheese award, so this cheese is obviously loved and appreciated by many people. The starter pack is also a good bargain if you want to try vegan cheese without breaking the bank, as it contains five of Vegusto’s bestselling products

  • 2 Vegusto Mushroom and Mozzarella Burgers
  • 1 Single Farmhouse Sausage
  • No- Moo Piquant
  • No-Moo Mild Aromatic
  • No- Moo Melty

The burgers and sausage that come with the sample pack, are also really tasty. What I was most surprised about with the mushroom burger, was how much protein it contained – almost 18g and for a plant based, vegan burger that doesn’t contain soy; this is a staggering amount.

If you were to buy the sausages or burgers on their own, the mushroom and no-moo burgers are £2.95 for a pack of 2, but Vegusto also sell a few other different flavours of both the sausages and burgers too. I do find that on their own, all of the Vegusto products are expensive, especially if they are something that will be eaten often rather than occasionally; the pennies could start to add up. But, as there aren’t many decent vegan protein options out there, paying the extra for quality products from Vegusto may be worth it.

Will I Continue to Buy From Vegusto?

Yes! I love how many vegan options Vegusto sell; there are many vegan faux meat alternatives, cheese alternatives, chocolate and there are sample packs for everything and everyone. Although, I will probably buy from them only when their products are on offer, as I couldn’t afford to purchase their products all of the time.

The main thing I love about Vegusto is the customer service that they provide. The people behind the Vegusto social media are so fun, bubbly and friendly; that they do make me want to purchase their products, which is good for them, but bad for me 😉

Conclusion: I found that some of the Vegusto cheese does taste better if used in small amounts and it can enhance flavours of certain foods: beans on toast, cauliflower mash, burgers, these are all foods which can use a strong flavour to liven it up; but for someone who is just cutting out dairy and looking for a good alternative to a subtle cheese flavour, then I would recommend you start with the Piquant cheese or purchase the sample pack.

Final thoughts: I’m very impressed with the overall look of the Vegusto cheese, it does resemble dairy cheese in appearance and it grates phenomenally well – too well. You do have to watch what you are doing when grating the Vegusto cheese, as I found you could quite easily go through a whole block of it before you realise.

Disclaimer: While I was sent the sample pack of products by Vegusto, I am in no way inclined to speak positively about their products. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I always strive to deliver unbiased and honest reviews, based on my own experience with every single product that I review.

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