Bulkpowders: PB Stuffed Choc Chip Cookie

imageA few months ago I was contacted by Bulkpowders to create a recipe for their website. This was the first time I’d been asked to do anything like this for a company, so naturally I was anxious.

After being asked which of their products I would like to work with, they then sent me out my selection: cacao powder, peanut flour, quinoa flour and zero cal maple syrup;  along with a few extras they chose for me.

I managed to create a few recipes using all of their products, that eventually I will send over to bulkpowders. However, the recipe for the peanut butter stuffed chocolate chip cookie was my favourite, which of course are vegan too.


I personally think that the cookie is a good cookie: soft, chewy and buttery with a peanut filling. I was thrilled with how they turned out. Although, I may have cheated a little with the recipe itself and adapted one of my older recipes, but atleast now I know it makes good cookies too 😉

If you want to make the cookies, then head on over to the bulkpowders website and get baking.

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4 thoughts on “Bulkpowders: PB Stuffed Choc Chip Cookie

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  1. How freaky- I was literally just looking at their chocolate PB protein powder when an email to this post arrived in my in box!!
    Really beautiful photos and great recipe 🙂 How was the quinoa flour to work with?

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    1. 😅 that is weird! I actually tried that chocolate PB protein powder a few months before going full vegan and it is incredible! I actually made a recipe with it for bulkpowders, but haven’t sent it to them yet lol. Thank you lovely. The quinoa flour was just like using any other flour I found, it had a nutty flavour to it, but I really enjoyed using it. I’m actually going to order some myself soon! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for getting back to me. I will have to try the quinoa flour when I’ve got some space in my cupboard! It sounds really interesting.


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