Why We Should All Stop Worrying About Food! Guest Post: Tracey McGowan.

Now I’m sure most of us would agree that it’s incredibly important to be healthy right? That’s kind of a no-brainer.
But what happens when we focus so much on eating the “right” foods and doing the “right” workouts, to the point where we are extremely stressed out about what we put in our mouths and how often we workout.
You see there is so much more to health than just food, exercise, and our physical body. Health includes ALL kinds of health – physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. However, most people now-a-days only focus purely on the physical side: trying to cut back on their calories, restricting certain macronutrients, while spending hours every single day “killing” it at the gym.As a health coach and previously a personal trainer, this was something that I noticed in almost ALL of my clients, which is hella scary if you ask me.
And I know how they feel as I went through that exact same thing, being so obsessed with being “healthy”, which I thought was; eating tiny portions, restricting “bad” foods, and exercising every day for two hours. That’s NOT healthy.
I believe society and especially the health and fitness industry, is a big cause for this. We are CONSTANTLY getting bombarded with messages about the perfect diet” or what we should and shouldn’t eat if we want to stay healthy, or lose weight. Then you have all the “fitspo” pages which girls are following for inspiration, but really they are just causing us to think that our bodies aren’t “goals” and that we need to change in order to be liked or good enough.

This is BULLCRAP! 

Not only does all of this stressing over food, exercise, and our bodies cause us to miss out on a social life and lose focus on other tasks, but the stress wreaks havoc on our bodies! When we are this stressed out, our body goes into “fight or flight mode”, causing our bodies to act in the exact same way we would, if a lion was trying to kill us – yes really!

Some of the physical symptoms are: 
• Heart rate increases
• Digestive system shuts down
• Stiff muscles due to body tensing up
• Breathing problems or chest tightening
• Feeling really cold or really hot
• Sleep problems
• Anxiety and depression
• Weakened immune system
• Confusion or difficulty remembering things
• Can’t focus on tasks
• Irregular or no period
• Lack of appetite

And SO much more!

Now do you STILL think all of the effort and worry you put into “eating right” is healthy?
Even in the vegan community, we are constantly exposed to “what I eat in a day” videos, which I think are great for INSPIRATION, for yummy meals. However, sometimes it feels like it can cause us to focus more on “copying” someone else’s diet, rather than be inspired by it. Especially when many vegan youtubers post pictures of themselves in bikini’s on their food videos, almost implying that you will look like them if you eat exactly the same as they do. Now I’m NOT saying these people are doing it intentionally, but it can definitely make us think of it this way!
The reason why I reached out to Leah about writing this post, was because she is a vegan who promotes just eating what you crave: listening to your body and having fun with food! Her recipes are “family favourites” that you can make for everyone even meat-eaters love it. Leah, isn’t strict about being raw till 4, HCLF, low carb, or paleo, either. She is just vegan and she will eat whatever she likes!
I feel so strongly about promoting a more balanced, intuitive, and healthier lifestyle to women and young girls out there, as I want you all to know that you are good enough just the way you are. I’m ALL for eating your fruit and veggies, and moving your body in a way that feels right for you, but listening to it and nourishing it with what it needs, both mentally and physically is also essential.                                                                                                 It’s so important that we take care of our bodies by eating lots of vitamins and minerals, but we are allowed to go out for a meal or spend the day in our PJs too!
If you are struggling with these issues then I HIGHLY encourage you to stop following people who promote a very obsessive, restrictive way of living.  Instead, focus on those who are already living their lives with balance and showing you that you can do it too!
I’m so passionate about helping women live their lives free from restriction and to stop focusing on diets and unhealthy habits. Instead, I help them focus on NOURISHING their body and falling in love with it, which is why I started up my own health coaching business. I work one on one with women and girls around the world to help them realise what’s holding them back, how to conquer their fears and finally be able to love their bodies completely. So, that they can live their lives to the fullest!

If you feel like you are struggling with these things right now I suggest;
1) You look at Leah’s incredible recipes that are all balanced and healthy.
2) Feel free to check out my FREE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO on “how to improve your relationship to food” on my website: www.traceymcgowan.com/freebies
3) Go out and surround yourself with NORMAL people and live your life!

Have a great day J!

For more vegan inspiration, ideas, and recipes. You can follow both Tracey and myself on Instagram.

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