Places To Visit In Wales




As children both my sister and I had always wanted to visit Castle Coch: Red Castle.  Every time we’d travel to Cardiff, we’d always look out for the castle in the mountains; its blue turrets prominent from the A4 and that didn’t change as we aged. As we got older it just made us more determined to visit. So last Thursday on a shopping trip to Caerphilly we took a spontaneous trip to the Fairytale castle in the mountains – heels and all; and we weren’t left disappointed. We walked that castle like children and didn’t unsuitable attire deter us. Although, I’m sure we had some very funny looks from the maintenance workers and staff, but we didn’t care: We climbed hundreds of stairs, investigated every nook and cranny, and made sure we photographed every square inch of that castle. It was spectacular and what childhood dreams were made of.

We are already planning a second visit to Castell Coch but this time we plan to be better equipped – with a decent camera and the appropriate footwear but also to walk the grounds the castle is situated on. So if any of you are wondering whether to visit this castle, then don’t even think twice about it. Go!

It would make a great family day out, as it’s for children and adults alike; and the entry fees aren’t that terrible.

  • Adult – £5.50
  • Family – £16.50
  • Senior citizens, Students and children under 16 – £4.10
  • Disabled and companion – Free

Also, hiding just inside the castle entrance,  there’s a sweet little tea room, which sells; coffee, tea, hot chocolate, welsh cakes and chocolate; among other things and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg as you would expect it to – £1.60 for a cup of coffee; who could resist.  

However, if like myself you are into the architecture of the castle then you will adore the drawing room – it is astounding. You could spend an entire day admiring and photographing the beautiful rooms within Castell Coch, they will blow your socks off, especially Lady Bute’s bedroom – it is out of this world! I could literally talk about Castell Coch all day, as it was such a surreal experience and made me proud to be welsh.

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