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Cruelty Free Eggs: Is There Such A Thing?

So, it is veganuary: the month where thousands of people take on the vegan diet for a month as a challenge for themselves. Some people go back to their normal way of eating after the month has ended and others decide to continue the vegan lifestyle, whether it’s just for a couple more months or for life. So, I thought now would be a good time as any to share this post, which I wrote back in the summer, as it was something which got me thinking -is there such a thing as cruelty-free eggs?

Sleeping Beauty: What a Lucky Bitch!

How lovely life would be if it were filled with magical spinning wheels: to help us sleep, handsome princes: to wake up to and happily ever afters. However, if one were to prick their finger in our day, fall in to a deep sleep, only to be awoken by some handsome stranger; I’m sure a tetanus shot, an arrest and a prison sentence would most likely be how the story ends. Reality most definitely sucks and if life were all rainbows and unicorns, I’m sure the majority of the world would sleep better at night. I know I would. Take me for example: 03.25am on a Saturday morning and my mind is on overdrive, my heart racing faster than Mo Farris in the London Marathon and my stomach doing more somersaults than an Olympic athlete; all from the stress of the day and the thoughts I can’t switch off. Sleep and food are the two things in life which truly make me happy and when I’m not getting enough sleep, it doesn’t bode well for this Hungry Welsh Girl. You see, …