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I would love to work with you.

I love to partner up with brands and companies which are a great fit for The Hungry Welsh Girl and my readers. I would enjoy discussing how we could work together, create a bond and possibly continue to work together for the long term. The Hungry Welsh Girl attracts readers from all corners of the world, whether that’s by searching via google, or social media.; I’m never short on readers.

A Little Bit About The Hungry Welsh Girl

I grew up fearing and hating food; from a very young age I developed an eating disorder and it only grew worse the older I got. Three years ago(2012) I decided enough was enough and I made the decision to recover myself from over a decade of punishing my body and neglecting my health. Within time I started to develop a passion for food, fitness, nutrition and health, and life started to look more hopeful. Fast forward three years and I finally feel free of the devilish disease: during that time I started to develop a love for food I never thought I would have, now I love sharing those recipes and experiences as well as my passion for good vegan and vegetarian food, via The Hungry Welsh Girl.

I created The Hungry Welsh Girl at the beginning of this year (2015) and as of 27.08.15 it is now 8 months old -I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I never thought I would ever be in a position where I would be able to share my recipes and have people see them and like them, and also make the recipes themselves. So, in celebration of The Hungry Welsh Girl, I am now opening up the blog for business (so-to-speak) and I plan on making it bigger and better for the future, which is why I am offering my services to you. However, I believe that my work has value, which is why I no longer; review, mention, or photograph products for free, since receiving products for my work doesn’t  benefit me or pay the bills.

If you are interested in working with me then please continue reading below; if not then thank you for looking.

– Leah

Product or Restaurant Reviews

As an amateur writer and recipe developer I write honest and unbiased reviews for companies and brands via The Hungry Welsh Girl and my social media pages. I love informing my readers of new products and sharing my experiences with them: good or bad; I will always speak the truth. I offer link backs to the product and/or your website, it makes it easier for my readers to find your product, but it also gets you noticed too. So if you are a company or brand who encourages real reviews then lets talk! I also encourage you to read my reviews to see what I have to offer.

Obviously I love food and getting to try new vegan food and review it would be great.


I photograph all of my own imagery for my recipes and blog. While I am self-taught, I will always try and provide quality material. I do feel that my skills, while lacking in certain areas, could still be an asset to you. Photography is a huge passion of mine and one which I take seriously: I’m always learning and researching about composition, lighting and technique, as it is something that I am currently trying to pursue as a career.  While I have been asked in the past to photograph for free, I have unfortunately had to decline since photographing a recipe, as well as cooking and preparing it, with styling, editing and sometimes reshooting, on my own is a huge task. I also feel photographing for free undermines every other photographer out there, as well as devalues my own work.


I have held giveaways on my social media before:my main platform for giveaways is Instagram – The Hungry Welsh Girl. If you have a product that fits in to The Hungry Welsh Girl, which you would like me to hold a giveaway for, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Recipe & Ingredients Development

Creating and experimenting with new recipes is my passion; if I didn’t have a passion for it, The Hungry Welsh Girl wouldn’t exist. I’m good at it and I would love the opportunity to share those recipes to a wider audience using your ingredients. The recipes I create aren’t just plain, boring vegetarian recipes; they are comforting recipes: packed with flavour, healthy fats, protein and nutrition, and I want to show people that eating healthy or being vegetarian, or vegan doesn’t have to be boring. So, if you have ingredients which are fitting for The Hungry Welsh Girl, that you would love to see reach a different audience; then I’m your girl!

I don’t believe in using detox foods or drinks and I will never endorse such a product, as eating real food will always be healthier for a person. I share new recipes and ingredients daily on my social media and I have helped sell new products to my audience, for companies alike.

Brand Ambassador

If you are looking for a brand ambassador to help represent your business, then look no further. Ambassadorship can be through a number of blog posts, reviews and mentions on social media. I don’t tend to promote clothing as it is mostly overpriced and if I wouldn’t purchase it myself, then why would I expect someone else to buy it? However, I am open to this,  if it is affordable for everyone.

Open to Ideas…

These are just a few ways I have worked with companies in the past and present. However, if you have other ideas whether you’re a food magazine, blogger or reader; if you have a way in which I can help you or your business then please email me so we can discuss it further.

Do you like what you see?  As I don’t currently have any other commitments, I am always available to create what you need me to create. But obviously, I wouldn’t want to do this for zero cost. If you are interested in working with me, then please contact me for further details and rates, and I will send on my media kit if requested.

Disclosure: I do not accept payment to write positively about a brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I pride myself on that.

Thank you for reading!

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