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The Swigg: Eating Vegan Down on Swansea Marina

  Towards the end of last year, I made a promise to myself that I would take control of my anxieties and social anxiety, and push myself do to more things. January 2017 came around and to my surprise, I followed through with that promise:  I find myself saying yes to more things now, even when I don’t really want to.  Of course, I’m always a bag of nerves doing these things and for the duration of those social activities, my insides are churning, my voice shakes and I stutter and stumble over all of my words. But however awkward I may come across, I’m always happy when I push myself out of my comfort zone, as it’s another step closer to becoming a lot less uncomfortable with day-to-day things

Vegusto: What’s in the Box?

You may have noticed that my Instagram page has changed over the last month or so: cheese and eggs have become a thing of the past and long gone are my oozy, gooey, grilled cheese sandwiches and #yolkporn. At the minute I am still eating eggs sparingly, but I have cut cheese and butter out of my diet entirely. I haven’t made a big deal or huge announcement because I feel that’s just silly: it’s nobody’s business but my own. However, if you pay attention to my posts, you’d have seen the vegan meals becoming more frequent over the last month. There is no reason for me not mentioning it, it’s no secret that I’m a vegetarian and so eating vegan meals is as natural to me, as eating vegetarian meals. Although, I’d never really contemplated veganism over my ten years of vegetarianism until very recently and I guess that was because I loved cheese so much – I came out of the womb holding a block in both hands – OK. A little over exaggeration on my part, but my mother did eat a cheese …

Kodiak Cakes: Whole Wheat, Oat & Honey Blueberry Muffins.

I still have so many Kodiak Cakes products left after being sent a ton of stuff by Cardiff Sports Nutrition a few months back. But, I’m slowly working my way through it all. This whole wheat, oat and honey flapjack and waffle mix however, wasn’t my favourite when it came to pancakes: the pancakes always turned out so sticky and stodgy and I tried numerous ways of eating and cooking them, but the outcome was always the same – sticky and stodgy.