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What It’s Like To Truly Have Balance: Life After E.D.

If you scroll aimlessly through social media: whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; you will likely fall on a post where some fitness freak is spouting tosh about finding balance in their life and everyone should do this, that, and the other to achieve it too. That’s great. Finding balance in life is an incredible thing and it has truly changed me – my personality, my outlook on life, and everything that is involved with the fitness world. Read More

I Just Don’t Have the Time.

It is one of the most overused sentences in modern society today – ” I just don’t have the time” – and it was always something I would roll my eyes at whenever I heard it. Surely, if you want to do something badly enough: then you will make the time right?That’s how I saw it. But I’ve never been someone who has really ever been busy and there are so many reasons for that: most of them down to mental health – I suffer with severe anxiety; which often prevents me from socialising with people outside of my family: doing things normal people would find a doddle, and sometimes even leaving the house can be a struggle. Read More

Cruelty Free Eggs: Is There Such A Thing?

So, it is veganuary: the month where thousands of people take on the vegan diet for a month as a challenge for themselves. Some people go back to their normal way of eating after the month has ended and others decide to continue the vegan lifestyle, whether it’s just for a couple more months or for life. So, I thought now would be a good time as any to share this post, which I wrote back in the summer, as it was something which got me thinking -is there such a thing as cruelty-free eggs?Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Gift Ideas for the Pedantic Vegan, Just Vegan & Everyone In Between.



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Last year I wrote my first Christmas guide for the blog: Gift Ideas for the Home Cook, Foodie & Meat-Head. And while it didn’t get very many page likes, it was one of my most viewed posts. So this year, I decided to write another guide; only this time for vegans: Gift Ideas for the Pedantic Vegan & Everyone In Between. Now, I don’t mean to insult anyone by the title, but I do feel that it is apt for the way some vegans live their lives – I am by no means judging – which can be intimidating for the average person who isn’t fully up-to-date with veganism and the lifestyle. And I know this to be true, as a few months ago I had my sister ring me in distress as she was stumped, as to what to buy a vegan: it was all last minute. I gave my sister many ideas, but in the end she settled on an orchid, from fear of having the gift not being fully appreciated.

So with this gift guide, I aim to help you mere mortals – who may fear us vegans – with suitable gift ideas, that are thoughtful and easy to find, which would be greatly appreciated by any vegan; whether they’re pedantic or anything in between. Read More

Spiced Orange Slice Decorations

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetDid you know that a Christmas tree was traditionally decorated with fruits, nuts, and other edibles? I quite like that idea. I especially love the look and thought of having orange slices hanging from the Christmas tree: either spiked with Cloves or twined with cinnamon sticks: I like how the orange slices look when they’ve been dried, I like the dark, shiny colour they turn from the drying process, and I like the thought of having something natural to look at on my Christmas tree, rather than some garish bauble or tinsel. Read More

Citrusy Mince Pie Filling

IMG_0333.JPGEveryone has their own version of a mince pie filling and for me, it changes each year – I basically use anything I have in my cupboards. If you’re into baking or healthier eating, then you should already have some sort of dried fruit in your cupboards, toss it with some brandy, sugar, and spices, and you have yourself a mince pie filling. It’s that simple. Read More