Mexican-Style Nacho Burgers


Do you often find yourself debating whether or not to pick up those frozen veggie burgers, whenever you come to the frozen aisle in a supermarket? I’m a sucker for it. I love veggie burgers and after 10 years of eating only veggie burgers (no meat), you’d think I’d be sick of them by now, but I’m not. They hold a special place in my ice cold heart and they probably always will.

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Chickpea & Lentil Burger’s; with Spicy Guacamole.


I’ve been a tad lazy with my posts lately. I’ve been caught up with a few things and I haven’t had much time. But today I do and I bring to you: Chickpea & Lentil Burgers; with spicy guacamole. I made these a few weeks ago and they were delicious: full of flavour and perfect. I don’t mind eating pre-made burgers from the freezer section, but I do like to make my own, fresh burgers, when I have the time and that’s mainly because I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new things. These Chickpea and lentil burgers were new to me. I hadn’t really made my own vegetarian burgers before and they turned out to be quite successful. I say quite because some were a bit flimsy and did break, but I think that may be due to the burgers not being equal in size or not cooked for long enough. The chickpea and lentil burgers did take a while to prep and make, but when your bored or have time, then I feel it’s nice to make an effort to cook something nutritious and delicious. To make these chickpea and lentil burger’s you will need a food processor or blender, and also some cooked red lentils. I made the mistake of forgetting to cook the lentils and then they took even longer to cook in the frying pan, so remember to do this.


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