A Full Day of Eating

Here I am staying true to my word with the Full Day of Eating post I promised you all last week. Although, if this had been yesterday then I’d still be writing the post today because I ate a lot of food and I enjoyed every morsel; which is the whole point I guess. I’ve noticed since I’ve been eating more carbs that I haven’t been craving sugary foods as much as I usually would and I hadn’t actually eaten any white or milk chocolate for three weeks before Pancake Day, even then I didn’t feel like it; I just ate it for the sake of eating it. These days I tend to crave natural sugars such as: stewed berries, bananas, natural syrups, sultanas, white rice and anything with oat flour. I think people think that I don’t eat very healthy because of the stuff I post to Instagram, but the majority of what I do post is made from healthier whole ingredients and when I’m not posting to Instagram, I’m chowing down on foods like I’ve posted below; which the folks of Instagram don’t really appreciate as much, as the chocolate and peanut butter. Even I go through my Instagram feed sometimes and question the food, but then I realise that I have finally found balance and a better relationship with food, so who cares!

I did my monthly food shop on the weekend and It always shocks me when I get around to it because even though I keep certain foods stocked up throughout the weeks, you can bet when it’s time to do my monthly shop I need more than I thought I did. Although this food shop was different to all of my previous food shopping lists because this time I didn’t buy any of my usual staples: eggs, butter, cheese and milk. It was a first for me, as I’ve never gone a day without dairy or eggs before, so not buying them is a first. While I haven’t cut them out completely from my diet, I haven’t been eating them as much either, so I felt it wasn’t necessary to buy them. I’d like to think that saved me a pretty penny, but I doubt it. I did however, buy some items that I swore I would never buy: soy yoghurt and tofu. I think I have started to fear these foods more than anything else because soy does have a lot of stigma surrounding the effects it has on the thyroid gland, which is why I have always tried to stay away from it. However, I decided that I already have a messed up thyroid anyway and as the soy content in the products isn’t very high, I would eat these in moderation. Plus, they were on offer so that swung it for me too.

Breakfast – 11pm

I never really ate muesli until recently. I’ve always been a savoury breakfast kind of girl and eggs, cheese and Quorn sausages have always played a huge part in that. So when I wake up fancying something sweet, it’s always a surprise to me. This muesli concoction, while delicious is more of a summer-time breakfast, which it most certainly isn’t. But, as the muesli had plenty of different elements to it, it wasn’t boring and I enjoyed it. I topped the muesli with stewed berries, sultanas, pumpkin seeds, coconut syrup and Alpro, vanilla dairy free yoghurt. image.jpeg

I did also make a vegan mocha protein shake from the gardenia plantbased protein too and I also added Sukrin brown sugar alternative to it with half a cup of Almond Breeze, reduced sugar almond milk as well; but the protein powder ruined it for me. So I didn’t end up adding it to my breakfast because it was VILE!

As for the Alpro vanilla yoghurt, it was so good. Although, I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe tofu blended into a yoghurt. But it tasted like the real deal: nicely sweetened, creamy and I noticed it had loads of tiny flecks of vanilla through it too. I also bought the plain Alpro to use as ‘mayonnaise’ in sandwiches.

Lunch – 1pm

imageDid you see those huge  protein oat pancakes that I posted to my Instagram yesterday? They were delcious and topped with about 10 different toppings. I’m sure of it. I loved them and I came so close to making them again today for lunch. But as I ate sweet for breakfast I needed something savoury for lunch. I decided to try and make a protein spinach wrap out of oat flour; which I wasn’t sure was going to work and it didn’t – they sucked! Although, my dog ate them and seemed to enjoy them. Instead I made a quick minestrone soup with whatever root vegetables I could find in my fridge and tossed in some Rizopia pasta shapes for a touch of nostalgia. It reminded me of the kid soup that I used to eat  when I was younger, but with chunky veg, a little kick and a lot of nutrition. Obviously there was a slice of buttered crusty white bread on the side too, which I spread with vegan spread – don’t say the M word please *eye roll* 😉 I will be posting the recipe for the minestrone soup next week and you can check out the Rizopia Fantasia pasta shapes here.

Afternoon Snack – 3pm

imageI’ve been craving nutri-grain bars for months, but from experience I know that high sugar foods never taste as good as I remember and they always leave me dissatisfied. So I made my own cereal bars this morning. They are vegan and the batter/dough was so bloody good. I guess I rolled them out too much before I baked them though, because the filling was sparse in the finished product. I still enjoyed far too many: they weren’t overly sweet and had a nice grainy texture to them. I also fed one to my sister and she enjoyed them; even went as far, as to say that they tasted like the real thing. I’m not so sure about that, but I did enjoy them. I filled my ‘nutri-grain bars with the date jam  that I made a few weeks ago and coated the bars in extra oats too – they were good: packed with nutrition and naturally sweetened. My dog definitely didn’t get to eat these.

Dinner – 6pm

imageThe weather this morning was lovely, but extremely cold. Although, I do I enjoy the cold, Spring, icy mornings. But come the afternoon it changed: the heavens opened and down came the rain. I would sell my right arm to go somewhere warm right now and FYI that is my most dominant arm, so you can see how desperate I am 😉 Comfort food was definitely on tonight’s agenda and a hot steak and gravy pie by Quorn was exactly what I needed. I served it with some roasted baby parsnips, carrots and hassleback potatoes with a homemade gravy that could have a killed a man. I’m just so glad I didn’t add it all to my food because I would have probably been in A&E from dehydration and liver failure – so salty! I ended up making a small amount of Bisto vegetable gravy and thoroughly enjoying this whole meal, plus those baby parsnips were to die for. Quorn have always done very nice vegetarian pies and they are packed with flavour, in my humble opinion. I just hope they get a move on with their vegan range and start adding more products to it.

Evening Snack  – 9pm

image.jpegI picked up these bags of chips the same time I made my Holland and Barrett order the other week. The propercorn has all gone now, but I did get a few bags of these weird chips that seem to be all the rage at the moment; over social media. I did plan to save them for nine, but around a certain time of the month I become uncontrollably ravenous, so I opened them not long after I ate my dinner and boy are they good. They remind me of the Square crisps, but with a lot more flavour and a huge kick from the chilli; plus a nice crunch. I couldn’t taste the lemon as the chilli was very overpowering. The best thing is that there is approximately 130cals in a 28g serving – just over half of the bag – and they are much lower in fat than potato crisps: healthier and tastier too. I would definitely recommend these. I can’t wait to try the Quinoa chips and also the Hummus chips I bought too.

And that’s it. Another full day of eating which was mostly vegan. I did have three or four cups of coffee too and I had a rare can of diet pepsi, which I never have, but I fancied and it tasted awesome.

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Kodiak Cakes: Whole Wheat, Oat & Honey Blueberry Muffins.

imageI still have so many Kodiak Cakes products left after being sent a ton of stuff by Cardiff Sports Nutrition a few months back. But, I’m slowly working my way through it all. This whole wheat, oat and honey flapjack and waffle mix however, wasn’t my favourite when it came to pancakes: the pancakes always turned out so sticky and stodgy and I tried numerous ways of eating and cooking them, but the outcome was always the same – sticky and stodgy.

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Eating Healthy: Is It Really That Expensive?

I see and hear a lot of talk about how eating healthy is expensive. Personally, I’ve always thought that eating healthy is a lot cheaper than eating takeout or out at restaurants all the time. I know a few people who do this and then moan that they are broke and have gained weight. You could quite easily put a meal together at home for half the cost that you would pay at a restaurant and you would also know what was going into your meal, which means you will have better success for the long term if you are trying to lose weight.

I often see people eat out and choose the healthy option – e.g. Baked Potato with grilled chicken and salad – and while that usually would be a healthy option you don’t know if that chicken has been drowned in oils and salt before being cooked.  I actually know a place around here that soaks their potatoes in oil overnight before cooking them. Which is where I make my point of how eating at home is far more healthy than eating out; also, if your excuse is that you eat out for social reasons then there’s nothing wrong with inviting a group of friends around to your home for a nice meal; each person or couple could bring their own course and you could have a pleasant evening in good company for more than half the cost. It’s the little things that can add up. Although, there is nothing wrong with eating out, every now and again.

I also see and hear people talking about how they don’t know what to buy when they visit a supermarket and they need help with putting a meal plan together, in order to eat healthily. I have actually been asked numerous times to write down what I eat for someone else to follow, although it isn’t quite as easy, as that. I was flattered.

So with all that in mind I thought I would try and cover both of these topics in today’s blog post as best, as I can.

Firstly, when it comes to my food shopping I try to not spend a small fortune. I buy mostly own brand foods because they are usually cheaper and they also have better ingredients than most popular brands and I also try to steer clear of anything that’s not going to be useful to me.  I wouldn’t call myself ‘tight’, but I would say I am careful when it comes to money and I would prefer to spend what I save on certain food items, on something that will last me longer than a week.
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White Chocolate Flapjacks: Using Sweet Spreads Coconutter.

White Chocolate Flapjacks

I was first introduced to Sweet Spreads Coconutter a few weeks ago and I literally fell in love with it. At first I was a bit sceptical because obviously the fat count is high, but for anyone who has read this blog; you will know I love my healthy fats and this Coconutter was certainly no exception.

Firstly, for those who don’t know; Coconutter is a sweet coconut butter spread that is full of healthy fats and MCT’s – Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCT’s are the best types of fats you can have as they are incredible at helping with energy levels and also aid with fat loss, as the body absorbs the MCT’s and quickly metabolises them for fuel, therefore they don’t store as fat.  The Coconutter is also an all-natural coconut spread and is free from everything you can think of; Gluten, Dairy, Soy, GMO, Preservatives – to name a few and can easily be worked into a healthy, balanced diet. As I have been doing.

Other than this Coconutter being totally healthy and beneficial to you, I also love that it goes well with everything from; crumpets, to rye bread and sweet omelettes. Although, I especially loved it in these; White Chocolate Flapjacks and even more so since I combined it with my favourite chocolate; White chocolate chips.

I can already hear the gasps. White chocolate chips? How are they healthy? If I have learned one thing this year it’s balance. I suffered for so long with an eating disorder that I didn’t even realise while I was eating ‘healthy’ I was still going around in circles where food was concerned and replacing one eating disorder with another. At first it was restricting, then when I chose to eat low carb/clean eating, I became obsessed with ingredients on labels and how much sugar and salt was in everything; while those things are important they aren’t meant to be obsessed over and that is what had happened to me.

This year I have learned how to enjoy food, whether it’s labelled healthy, or unhealthy because like life itself; food is all about finding a balance and when you have established that, then everything else will fall into place and I have definitely developed a more positive mind because of it.

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Shwmae Pobl…

I have been meaning to start blogging again for some time. I first started a few years ago; under the same name, but back then I wasn’t as confident with my recipes, or the way I ate. I was always trying new things and not being consistent. Now I feel a lot more secure in my knowledge of food and with how far I have come with my recovery. To put it in a few words; I suffered for over a decade with countless eating issues and when I thought I had recovered, I only found myself replacing one eating disorder with another. That was until I discovered flexible dieting; which is basically balanced eating. I love it. It has not only helped me recover from my restrictive eating but it has also given me a more healthy relationship with food and I no longer fear certain food groups, or foods deemed ‘unhealthy’. Now I see food as fuel and I use it to fuel my body for not only daily activities but also for my workouts; which I have learned to love more, now I have the energy and stamina to finish a 40 minute workout.

In this blog I will be sharing my recipes and experiences with food; both good and bad. They won’t always be 100% ‘healthy’ but they will be balanced with foods I enjoy and have learned to eat in moderation; as can everyone else. I will be sharing my knowledge, from my experience,  of flexible dieting/ balanced eating and how anyone can obtain this way of eating without feeling guilt afterwards. It is possible.

Well… That’s it for now. You can check me out on Instagram: @Happy.Hungry.Healthy

The Hungry Welsh Girl.

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