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Shredded BBQ Slaw Slider

  It took me a while to name this sandwich – obviously I didn’t want to name it after an animal. Plus, it’s made from vegetables instead of flesh, so it tastes nothing like pulled pork. However, while I was writing the recipe for this spicy BBQ slaw, my intention was to recreate a ‘pulled pork’ style meal which was slow-roasted in BBQ sauce. But, of course, without the death.

Meatball Marinara

As I’ve always said, as a vegetarian/pescatarian it is difficult to keep meals interesting, which is why I am always trying to find new ingredients and food that I like. But sandwiches are always a winner with me. I love them: cold, hot, warm, as long as there is no sand in them I will eat it and there are so many different variations and fillings that you can add to a sandwich. Although, this particular sandwich has always stuck in my mind. I remember a couple of years ago, my boyfriend at the time, had one of these sandwiches from a well-known sandwich chain and I remember thinking ‘Why can’t people make vegetarian versions’. I mean yes, it would mean a lot more work for the people who work at these food chains, but vegetarianism is becoming a popular way of eating and I think a little more consideration for the people who don’t eat meat, for whichever reason, could make a difference. But what do I know. At the moment, I am doing …