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Shredded BBQ Slaw Slider

  It took me a while to name this sandwich – obviously I didn’t want to name it after an animal. Plus, it’s made from vegetables instead of flesh, so it tastes nothing like pulled pork. However, while I was writing the recipe for this spicy BBQ slaw, my intention was to recreate a ‘pulled pork’ style meal which was slow-roasted in BBQ sauce. But, of course, without the death.

Garlic n Herb ‘Cream’ Cheez

Around 15 years ago, when I was the tender age of twelve, my family and I travelled to Spain by car: to Dover, over to Calais, through France and eventually we got to Spain three days after leaving Wales. My parents said they would never do it again ( miserable sh*ts) but my sister and I loved it. It was an experience we would never forget.One of the main things that has stuck in our heads from this three week holiday, is picnicking on the French Pyrenees. We had been travelling for hours, before finally stopping at a french supermarket to pick up some essentials; fresh, blood-red tomatoes, crispy lettuce, crusty baguettes, crisps and a garlic and herb cream cheese that was to die for – with the addition of a knife to cut said bread.  It’s this meal that has been a favourite of ours ever since and we’ve eaten it many a time over the years (the same cream cheese is actually available at Lidl). Obviously now we’re older and we no longer do …