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Peanut Butter Crusted French Toast

At the beginning of the year I made and ate so much protein French toast that eventually the mere sight of it, made me want to gag and the same goes for proats too. I just couldn’t stomach the thought of making either ever again – until Christmas eve. As most of you know or should know, I follow a flexible/balanced approach to eating and I practise this all year around. So when Christmas sneaks up on me, I never feel the need to overindulge and I rarely do. But, when I came up with this idea late on Christmas eve, eve; I couldn’t wait to create it and I definitely felt like I was overindulging, but I didn’t care and I ate every morsel.

Vanilla Protein & Pistachio Crusted, French Toast.

I’m the type of person who buys a lot of sugary food such as; chocolate, biscuits, etc. And then I store it all in a box and that’s where it stay’s until I want them, which is rarely ever. I mean don’t get me wrong I eat chocolate in moderation, all you have to do is to go and look at my Instagram account  and you will see, but I would rather eat wholesome foods than chocolate and biscuits all the time, which is why I have a lot hanging around and quickly expiring. These pistachios were a perfect example; I bought them about a year ago and found them last night at the bottom of my flexible eating box and lo and behold their date was due to expire next month. At first I thought I’d use them to make pistachio butter because that’s hard to come by and expensive when you do,  then I thought they would be great as a French toast topping – because French toast is always on my mind lately – So …