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Chunky Minestrone Soup

A quick chunky minestrone soup for an on-the-go snack or as part of a lunch break. It can even double up as a toast topper when thickened – think childhood favourite; alphabet spaghetti. I used Rizopia brown rice pasta shapes in my chunky minestrone soup, but obviously any pasta will work. Ingredients 2 Carrots 1 Medium Onion 1 Courgette 1 Clove Garlic 1 Carton Chopped Tomatoes 1 Cup Rizopia Brown Rice Pasta Shapes Basil Leaves 1 Vegetable Stock Cube 1 Pint Water Salt to season Directions Peel and chunk the vegetables, before adding them to a saucepan, along with the vegetable cube, garlic and water – leave the courgette until last as it will take the shortest time to cook. Bring the vegetables to a boil until they start to soften -15 minutes –  and add in the carton of chopped tomatoes, pasta, basil and courgette; proceed to cook until the pasta is soft or to your liking. You may need to keep adding more water. Stir the soup occasionally so that nothing burns or sticks to the pan. …

Spicy Butternut & Lentil Soup

The weather hasn’t been the best here in Wales lately and the only thing I’ve wanted to do is cwtch up in bed, with a hot bowl of soup and crusty bread to dip. That’s usually an image you imagine with winter or autumn, but not with the Great British climate, we get to do this all year around or at least that’s how it feels.