Gift Ideas for the Home Cook, Foodie & Meat-Head

I’m not one to steal ideas usually, I take pride in coming up with my own recipes and ideas, but when I saw cooking with a wallflowers post, I just had to steal it and write my own version. I’ve seen loads of baking accessories and ideas over the internet that I would love and I think they would make incredible gifts, but being a home cook and foodie myself, I guess that’s obvious. Even so, it never crossed my mind to share these gift ideas with, well all of you. So thank you Cooking with a Wallflower for the idea. You can check her Christmas gift guide out here.

I don’t often struggle to buy gifts for people, I’m actually a very good gift giver in my humble opinion and I enjoy it, but I know for most people ideas don’t come as naturally and I frequently see people stressing over what to buy. I think over the years gift giving has become more of a competition and the tradition has become lost among the masses; I feel if you aren’t given diamonds, cars or other expensive gifts on a special occasion, then it’s simply not good enough. So I can see and understand why it can be stressful. For me, I like a gift to be thoughtful and something that I or the person I’m giving the gift to, will appreciate or use for years to come. I think it says a lot about a person when they put thought into a gift rather than just splurge on material things that the other person probably wont appreciate as much. With that in mind I have compiled a top 5 gift idea list for the home baker, foodie and meat-head.


1). Cooking Accessories.  I’l9bfa09ca1372a8e65f0b5836a690ef67l start with my favourite Christmas gift idea. I think it’s so cute and a fun, creative, delightful way to present a gift to a foodie and home baker. The glove acts as the ‘bag’ and then it can be filled with anything you want: utensils, cookie cutters, chocolate; there are so many options and you can fill it with gifts based on the other persons personality, preferences, and favourite colours.

2.) Gift Card. I usually hate gift cards and that’s because I’m usually limited to spending them in clothes shops and I feel these are usually given as a last option. Gift cards are great ideas and can be thoughtful if you buy one from the other persons favourite store; you simply select the amount of money you want to add to it and then hand it to the recipient. These gift cards are different and I think a far better option for a foodie, home baker or meat-head because these gift cards are from Cardiff Sports Nutrition. They have such a vast selection of clothing, sports bags, protein powders, protein shakers, accessories and food, that the person receiving the gift card will be spoilt for choice. I’d definitely be happy with that.

3.) Food Hamper I did this one year for my sister and filled it with all types of chocolate,  a pair of slippers, hot water bottle, a sisters photo frame with a photo of the two of us and  just bits and bobs of everything she loved and she did love it. It was fun for me to put together too. You can’t go wrong with a food hamper, hampers.jpgespecially if its filled with all the recipients favourite foods and products, wrap it up with some cellophane and a nice red ribbon and you have yourself a wonderful gift.




4). Printed Spoon. I gifted a printed spoon to a friend last year and she was thrilled with it. I got mine from a seller on Etsy who is from Swansea, so it was nice to support a local business too and if you drop her a comment she will even add a symbol of your choice to it. If I remember correctly, I asked for a crown and she added it free of charge.

cookbooks.png5).Cookbooks Great for the novice cook who is just starting to cook for the first time or for someone who is looking to eat healthier. I don’t often read recipe books, mainly because they always have ingredients that I’m never going to have in my cupboards. But, some popular cookbooks at the moment seem to be.

Nigella Lawson

Deliciously Ella

Jamie Oliver

I also wanted to include some of my favourite bloggers/recipe developers who currently have ebooks & books out that contain protein cooking and healthier recipes. So, if anybody I actually know is reading this and happens to be stuck for ideas on what to get me… I’m hinting right now 😉

The Muscle Bakery: Muscle Baking

Protein Pow: Think Beyond the Shake

The Beltsanders Cookbook & Guide to IIFYM

And that’s it, everything a human being could possibly want and I think they are thoughtful too. If you have any other ideas that you feel should be on this list, then comment below and let me know.

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5 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for the Home Cook, Foodie & Meat-Head

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  1. I have got a similar post lined up for next week! Love the idea of the food hamper, i would definitely be happy with one of those 🙂 xx


  2. I would love books to be my gift and especially if it is books I want. But there is no hope for this because no one knows what books I want to read at the moment – I don’t know myself.
    I loved your post and your ideas. Thank you for sharing !
    My daughter ( 16) loves baking and she wants to open her own line of things like Martha Stewart. So I think item # 1 on your list would be perfect for her. Thanks again for the idea.


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