Gift Ideas for the Pedantic Vegan, Just Vegan & Everyone In Between.


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Last year I wrote my first Christmas guide for the blog: Gift Ideas for the Home Cook, Foodie & Meat-Head. And while it didn’t get very many page likes, it was one of my most viewed posts. So this year, I decided to write another guide; only this time for vegans: Gift Ideas for the Pedantic Vegan & Everyone In Between. Now, I don’t mean to insult anyone by the title, but I do feel that it is apt for the way some vegans live their lives – I am by no means judging – which can be intimidating for the average person who isn’t fully up-to-date with veganism and the lifestyle. And I know this to be true, as a few months ago I had my sister ring me in distress as she was stumped, as to what to buy a vegan: it was all last minute. I gave my sister many ideas, but in the end she settled on an orchid, from fear of having the gift not being fully appreciated.

So with this gift guide, I aim to help you mere mortals – who may fear us vegans – with suitable gift ideas, that are thoughtful and easy to find, which would be greatly appreciated by any vegan; whether they’re pedantic or anything in between. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for the Pedantic Vegan, Just Vegan & Everyone In Between.”

Spiced Orange Slice Decorations

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetDid you know that a Christmas tree was traditionally decorated with fruits, nuts, and other edibles? I quite like that idea. I especially love the look and thought of having orange slices hanging from the Christmas tree: either spiked with Cloves or twined with cinnamon sticks: I like how the orange slices look when they’ve been dried, I like the dark, shiny colour they turn from the drying process, and I like the thought of having something natural to look at on my Christmas tree, rather than some garish bauble or tinsel. Continue reading “Spiced Orange Slice Decorations”

Bacon Wrapped Roast with Sage & Apple Stuffing

DSC_0182.jpgI created quite a few recipes for Christmas last year and I enjoyed every minute of it. When I first started my Instagram page and blog two years ago, I never went out of my way to create recipes to share. I made them because I was either craving the food at the time or wanting to try something different to mix up my diet and if it was good, then I’d post the recipe here. I had a lot of fun last year and I couldn’t wait to get started on writing more recipes this year. Continue reading “Bacon Wrapped Roast with Sage & Apple Stuffing”

Vegan Pecan Fudge

DSC_0767.jpgWhile I’m not a vegan, I do like to make vegan treats now and again; not only because they are absolutely delicious, but I like to challenge myself too. I have never made fudge before – although I have eaten plenty – but it was always something which I thought I would never be able to make and it’s obviously laden with sugar too. While this fudge isn’t your traditional vanilla flavoured, buttery fudge, it is still delicious and chewy, and like the majority of my recipes the ingredient list is small and the cooking process is easy.

The base of this vegan pecan fudge is vegan condensed milk, it is easy to make and even more delicious than the other stuff that is packed with refined sugar. You could even give these to a vegan or a chocolate lover, as a Christmas gift: tied up with pretty ribbon. I will say that these melt quite fast, so keep them refrigerated or store them in the freezer and because the fudge is made with condensed milk, the fudge wont freeze hard.


  • 250ml Coconut Cream or Coconut Milk
  • 60 – 80g Unsweetened Cacao Powder or Dairy Free Chocolate
  • 60g Maple Syrup
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 30g Pecans
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract


Bring the coconut cream to a boil in a saucepan with the maple syrup and vanilla extract for 10 minutes, then reduce to a simmer and cook for another 20 minutes or until the milk has halved in volume and looks like a thick caramel sauce.

Now that you have your condensed milk, stir in the cacao powder and coconut oil. Chop the pecans and stir these into the fudge mixture, then transfer the fudge to a small rectangular dish and freeze for 1 hour until the fudge has hardened. You can keep the fudge frozen and will remain soft.  Don’t believe me? Try it!

NB: The fudge does have a slight coconut taste to it, but I feel that adds to the flavour of the pecans and chocolate. However, you could always add more flavouring.

And that’s it.

For more recipes and ideas follow me on Instagram – @TheHungryWelshGirl and tag me in any of the recipes you try, I would love to see what you create and hear what you think.

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