Traditional Welsh Cakes.

welshcakes.jpgBeing welsh, you would expect me to know better. You’d expect me to want to re-create traditional Welsh recipes and make them vegan and you’d likely expect them to still be tasty and delicious -right? For the most part I do try. But sometimes I get it wrong. Take last year for example.  Last year I made a massive faux-par and I turned a traditional welsh cake into a bloody travesty – I tried to make it healthier, vegan, low carb, low-fat and also gluten free – the outcome: less than impressive. I’m still reeling today at my failed attempts.

DSC_0062.jpgOk. So they weren’t that bad. It was actually the gluten-free flour I chose to use, that made them weird – hard.  Nonetheless, they weren’t the traditional and delicious, fluffy cakes I grew up devouring  either. However, this year, I have well and truly learned my lesson and it’s just plain old flour, sugar and ‘butter’ for my welsh cakes from now on. I promise. I guess I lost myself last St David’s day, I was following the sugar-free, fun-free ways most dieters do it on Instagram and it made me sad. It made my welsh cakes sad and it ruined my memories of baking buttery welsh cakes with my mother and Nanna; on St David’s Day.welshcakesflatlay.jpgToday I am cured and I truly accept that a healthier way of living  -for me -is eating everything in vegan moderation: now all of my savoury meals are seasoned and my sweet bakes are…well sweet and my welsh cakes are buttery. And I honestly have never been happier. Of course, you can use alternatives, but I can’t say for sure whether you will have the same results.

Makes 30


  • 500g Plain Flour or Gluten Free Plain Flour + 1/4 cup for dusting
  • 200g Dairy Free Margarine
  • 120g Caster Sugar
  • 200g Sultanas
  • 4 Tbsp Vegan Milk
  • 1 Tsp Mixed Spice
  • 1 Tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • 1/4 Tsp Himalayan Salt


Whisk the dry ingredients together in a bowl and add in the margarine: mash the fat with a fork or pastry cutter; until you have a breadcrumb consistency.

For the next part, an electric beater/mixer will make life easier. However, a spoon and some elbow grease will work too.

Pour the milk in to the bowl next and beat it into a dough.

Dust a clean surface with flour and gently roll the welsh cake dough out to around 1 inch thick. Using a cookie cutter or glass, cut out around 30 shapes.

Next heat a cast iron skillet or a frying pan, on a low heat and wait 5-10 minutes until it is hot, brush on a little margarine and cook your welsh cakes ( 2.5 minutes each side, should do it).

NB: The first welsh cake is always the test cake: if they start to brown too quickly, turn down the heat.

Proceed to cook all of your welsh cakes and dust them with caster sugar, before enjoying with a nice cup of tea.


– If you want a traditional welsh sausage for your St David’s Day breakfast, then I have my own version of a veganised  Glamorgan sausage recipe here.

-For more vegan recipes follow me on Instagram and tag me in any recipes you try, for a chance to be featured on my page.

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