Satay Quorn Chicken Kebabs, Wrapped in a Herb Power Wrap.


Since I received the Kodiak Cakes products a few weeks ago. I haven’t stopped using them. I mean, it would be pretty hypocritical of me if I were recommending products to people and not using them myself. I also wouldn’t have the heart to do such a thing. But these Kodiak Cakes are genuinely a gift from the gods, as they are so versatile.

I decided I was going to make Satay chicken, using Quorn chicken style pieces for dinner tonight and to also use up some of the almond butter sauce I made last week, plus, it’s something different to eat.


While marinating the Quorn pieces I realised I had nothing to go with the Satay kebabs and I didn’t want to eat it with salad on its own. A kebab needs some sort of carbohydrate, but I didn’t have any sort of pita or flatbread in the house.

Then I pondered for a while and decided that I would be brave and take my pancake making skills to another level.

So I made a bigger pancake than usual. I know. I’m crazy right? 😉


But seriously, pancakes make an excellent alternative to bread and the Kodiak Cakes pancake mixture, makes life a lot easier. Plus the Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes: Pancake and Waffle Mix is plain in flavour, which makes adapting it to savoury a lot easier and it packs a nice protein punch which everyone can benefit from.

As you can see from the photo my idea was a success. I do intend on experimenting with the mixture in the next few weeks and trying to make a more bread-like pancake. But for now this will do and we will call it a power wrap because it sounds better.



Serves 1

  • 100g Quorn Chicken Pieces or Chicken
  • 1.5 Servings of Almond Butter Sauce – You can find the recipe here.
  • 50g Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes: Pancake and Waffle Mix
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp Mixed Herbs
  • 1/4 tsp Butter or Oil for frying.
  • Salad of choice
  • Low Fat Yoghurt & Mint Dressing.


Marinate your Quorn or Chicken pieces in the almond butter sauce and skewer each piece on to wooden skewers – if you are using these kebabs on a BBQ or in an oven, then you will  need to soak the skewers in water for a few hours before using them.

Now add the satay kebabs to a grill and cook each side until browned.

Next, make your pancake batter and add in the mixed herbs and a little salt.

Heat a small frying pan on a medium heat, with the butter or oil and add every little drop of the pancake mixture to the pan. Place a plate or lid over the pan and leave it to cook.

When the top of the power wrap has cooked, flip and cook on the other side until it’s golden – you could also grill the power wrap for a more flatbread look.

All that’s left now is to add your salad, satay kebabs and yoghurt and mint dressing to the power wrap and enjoy.

You can buy Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes: Pancake and Waffle mix from Cardiff Sport Nutrition, both online and in store and you can even use my discount code to save yourself 10% at the checkout.

The Hungry Welsh Girl.

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