Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies.

Today, is my three year veganniversary. And I haven’t died. I’m not protein deficient or anaemic and I feel healthier than I have done in years. So, I thought I would celebrate my survival by sharing a brownie recipe. I have the most requests, through email and social media, for my original vegan brownie recipe; everybody wants it – vegans and non-vegans. Unfortunately, that very recipe will be going to the grave with me: it’s something I’ve worked on for years and one I’m very proud of.  I don’t even have the recipe written down in a book: it’s all stored deep inside my brain! 😉 However, I think this chocolate hazelnut brownie recipe, is a bloody good compromise – they are gooey, fudgy and exactly how a brownie should be.brownies2In my family, everyone prefers a different textured brownie: my mothers opinion being the most disappointing, with a cakey texture – am I adopted? For me and my father, brownies must be stick-to-your-mouth, fudgy and if they don’t give you heartburn afterwards… well, then it’s just cake. 😉 Who else agrees with me?

Initially, when I was writing the recipe, for these chocolate hazelnut brownies. I wanted them to be a healthier alternative to my original brownie. So I added sweet potato. The sweet potato is purely for added sweetness, as I didn’t want to add as much sugar in this recipe, as I usually would. However, I promise you that the sweet potato is undetectable – it also adds volume, helps hold the brownie together and gives the brownie more gooeyness.

NB: I cooked my brownies in a 9×9 brownie tin. Although, I do suggest opting for a 8×8 if you can: this will make the brownies, that little bit thicker.

Makes 9


  • 100g Sweet Potato Puree (cooked)
  • 50g Hazelnut Butter
  • 50g Hazelnuts
  • 40g Wholemeal Flour (optional)
  • 50g Quality Cocoa Powder or Cacao Powder
  • 50g Quality Dark Chocolate
  • 250-300ml Hazelnut Milk or Almond Milk
  • 100g Unrefined Sugar
  • 2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Pinch of Sea Salt


Puree your sweet potato in a blender with the milk.

Pre-heat oven to 180c (I use fan assisted)

Melt the hazelnut butter and chocolate in the microwave for a few minutes, then scrape it all into the blender with the sweet potato puree and the remaining ingredients – minus the hazelnuts.

Stir half of the chopped hazelnuts, into the brownie batter.

Taste the batter to see if it is sweet enough for you.

Line a 8×8  brownie tin with greaseproof paper and pour in the brownie mixture. Spread the batter evenly around the tin, top with the remaining half of the hazelnuts and place in the oven for 20-23 mins

Remove the brownies from the oven and leave them cool for 30 minutes before cutting them into serving sizes.


  • Because of the hazelnut butter, this batter will be VERY thick and will result in extra fudgy brownies – thank me later.
  • You can omit the flour altogether.
  • Sweet potato can be replaced with butternut squash or pumpkin. I find these have the most neutral flavours and the chocolate disguises them well.
  • Hazelnut butter can be replaced for another nut butter alternative or even margarine, coconut oil, etc. But the brownies may not hold together quite as well, as it does with the nut butter.
  • Of course, any sugar alternative can be used. If you prefer your brownies a little on the sweet side, then feel free to add more sugar, syrup, etc.
  • I store these in a box with a slice of bread, the brownies will take the moisture from the bread and stay fresh for longer 😉

© The Hungry Welsh Girl 2018
All photos, recipes and texts are copyrighted unless otherwise stated.
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